Sustainable living is an interest for many Lane County residents, and sustainability principles can be useful for preparing for and recovering from disasters--large or small, natural or man-made. We have provides a few Lane County resources to help build community disaster resilience enhancing everyday living.


getting to know your neighbors can increase your comfort and safety every day and in the event of disaster. Past disasters have shown us that social investments are the best way to increase stability during challenging times.

Map Your Neighborhood is a program promoted by the city of Eugene that can help you meet your neighbors and prepare for emergencies. Contact your Eugene neighborhood association for more information.

Eugene Neighborhood Services provides resources and coordination to help you engage with your neighbors.  Small grants, projects, and ongoing programs provide opportunities to work with others.

Springfield Community Services include Neighborhood Watch, NextDoor and other methods to help you connect with and support your neighbors.

After a catastrophic disaster when roads are impassable and vehicles unusable, biking may be the safest, most efficient, and potentially only method of transporting resources and people. The links below will help with building potentially life-saving bike knowledge.

Oregon Bicyclist Manual (PDF) - Rules and tips for safe biking in Oregon

Bicycling Maps:
Eugene/Springfield (English & Spanish)
Lane County


Growing and preserving your own food can provide some household food security after a disaster.  You can create a more healthful preparedness kit by using the Oregon State University Extension SErvice resources linked below.

Gardening – tips, instructions, and monthly calendars for urban and rural gardening in Oregon. 

Gardening classes and workshops from the Lane County Master Gardeners Association are a great way to hone skills and meet like-minded neighbors.

Food Preservation – Learn skills to store your own food – save money and eat better during a disaster and every day.

Food preservation classes and workshops from the Lane County Master Food Preservers are a great way to build skills and meet your neighbors.

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